Property Marketing Solutions from the Riviera Property Network

The smart way to reach your buyer

Buying and selling property is about emotion. People fall in love with houses, but how do you engage the individual that will fall in love with your house? RPN has created Property Marketing Solutions, a unique service which juxtaposes the professional services of our international and regional network of estate agents with the creative solutions of an advertising agency.

RPN does not just keep your property on our portal, we disseminate the marketing suite to reach a global network comprising approximately 160 international specialist search agents in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, UK, USA and more; 1500 real estate agents from Menton, Monaco to St. Tropez as well as 2000 potential buyers through RPN Property Spot and 130,000 monthly visitors to our portal. All the agents will have details of your property, presented in an attractive, well thought out, visually appealing and engaging manner, ready to present to potential buyers.

RPN understands that it takes time and effort to clean, tidy and arrange your house, let alone the time waiting for the numerous agents to take photographs and asses your property. Through the RPN network, we reach them all so you only have to prepare once.

RPN makes it easy for the sellers and the agents

Real estate agents actually find it hard to source properties for sale so RPN acts as a nexus for the two needs, providing a genuine and needed service for both home owners and agents.
RPN makes it easy for the agents to actually promote and sell your home with very little marketing effort required from them. When the agents have a serious buyer, they contact RPN, we qualify them for SPAM and then pass on the introduction to yourself so they can show a potential buyer around your home.
Through RPN Property Marketing Solutions and our international and regional network, our sales time is typically three months, whereas it can be with a traditional agent for a year or more. RPN has an extensive international experience in marketing properties and a proven track record.

How does it work?

RPN will come and host a discovery meeting with you. We need to understand your needs and in-depth insight into your property i.e. what is the time frame you wish to sell your property in, how long have you owned your property and how long was it on the market before you bought it? What attracted you to the property?
We want to build a memorable story about your home creating an emotional pull so we need to sell the lifestyle and the reasons why you fell in love with your property originally. We will also gather data such as number of bedrooms, room sizes, land, overall habitable etc so that we can offer third party professional evaluations.
Once we have the information, RPN will compile a recommended marketing suite, which meets your needs that may include any of the following:
        Professional photographs
        2D floor plans
        3D renders
        Location maps
        PDF brochure
        Printed brochures
        Listing on RPN Property Portal
        Property Spot on RPN Property Portal
        Dissemination to RPN real estate agent database
        Professional online evaluation with two estimates provided
        Organising the diagnostic report
        Professional HD film 
        Website with domain name
        Creative print advertising
        Media strategy and media placement

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